Lifestyle management: Go beyond the concierge

Lifestyle management, for those of us who require such services, is all about time. Saving time, making time, maximising time – if you live a fast-paced lifestyle, these things are all essential to your everyday freedom and potential. Concierge services generally make up the core of what is considered lifestyle management, yet arranging hotel rooms, transportation, housekeeping and seeing to the day-to-day tasks that eat into our free and work time are just the start. Lifestyle management can be much more holistic than this, saving you more than just time. Reducing stress, hassle and tax can all constitute core parts of a full lifestyle management service.


Finance may be one area of your life in which you’d like to take the reins yourself, yet allowing lifestyle management providers to support you can save you stress, hassle and work wonders with your finances. More than just a tax advice service, a lifestyle management service which takes into consideration your entire business and lifestyle needs brings significant insight into your financial position and how tax can be tailored to offer you the very best savings and economies.

Whether you’re a talented contractor or a uniquely skilled freelancer, this style of lifestyle management is extremely beneficial. A finance and tax expert who understands the ins and outs of your world can be indispensable. Especially when teamed with additional lifestyle services.


A lifestyle management team who can assist your working life both legally and practically can add even greater value and greater ease. From marketing your skills to the best people and best companies in your industry, to sourcing your perfect next career step and negotiating your contact to ensure you receive the best possible deal – a programme of lifestyle management which also supports your professional life can reap great benefits, both financially and professionally - and when it comes to your personal life too. A well rounded lifestyle management team of legal and employment specialists, experienced recruitment experts and financial wizards can make your world significantly easier and more lucrative too.


And of course there’s always traditional lifestyle management. For contractors who lead in their respective fields, this is more important than ever. The life of the contractor can be itinerant. You’ll traditionally go where the best roles are. In industries like telecommunications, IT, oil & gas and entertainment, this can be anywhere in the world. With economies in Russia, the Far East, India and Africa on the rise, it’s even more important than ever to have the support you need to make your life run smoothly. From finding accommodation to arranging transportation, security, housekeeping – your lifestyle management team should be able to offer this form of support.
Sell Yourself: Personal Marketing for Beginners

Personal marketing is the process by which you ‘sell’ your primary goal in life to yourself as you would sell a product to someone else. The process itself isn’t difficult if you work through the following steps and can direct you towards significant successes in life! Sounds good, right? Well, here’s how!

1. Choose a goal to work towards

Before you can start your personal marketing plan you need to settle on a goal that means something to you. This can be anything from getting fitter to finding a new, more rewarding job or buying your first home. It needs to be something that you’re passionate about though otherwise you aren’t going to want to sell it to yourself.

2. Look at where you are now

Once you have a personal goal you need to take an honest look at how close you are to attaining it. Think about the strengths you already have that will help you reach your goal and also the weaknesses that might hold you back. Consider the challenges you’ll face and how you’ll overcome them to succeed.

3. Look at yourself as your target market

You need to know what motivates you to succeed in order to put together an effective personal marketing plan so think carefully about what really motivates you. Forget what you think should motivate you and concentrate on what actually does. So for example, if your goal is to get fit you might think that improved health should be your motivator when in fact you just want to look good in your swimwear. When you know your motivators you know your target market.

4. Make the changes

So, now you have marketed the benefits of your goal to yourself you simply need to make some changes that will bring the benefits about. Again, remember to concentrate on one motivator or angle e.g. looking gorgeous in your swimwear, so you don’t lose sight of the point of the exercise. Change whatever you can to make your goal more attractive and continue to promote the positive benefits in your mind.

5. Imagine you’ve achieved your goal

Working with the example above, Photoshop your head onto a picture of the body you want to have so you’ll see the end result of your personal marketing and goal achievement. Similarly, if your goal is to own your own home find a picture of your ideal home and put yourself in it. Whatever your goal is you need to create a promotional image to work towards.

6. Create your personal marketing ad

Now it’s time to convert your promotional image into your finished personal marketing ad that will motivate you to succeed day in day out. If you can you should try to add a slogan as well so that your finished ad is as realistic and effective as possible. Use an email delivery system or something similar to ensure your ad is delivered to you on a regular basis.

7. Create new ads each week

By creating new ads each week you’ll not only be able to keep track of your progress you’ll constantly reiterate your goal to yourself until the day you reach it.

Now it’s time to sell yourself to clients. With the confidence and drive gained through this process, your successes and attainments will be significant. If you’re in the contracting field, however, personal marketing of yourself to prospective clients is the next step.


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    April 2013